Upcoming Trends

Watching fashions has never been my thing.  I would tend to buy what catches my eye.  This year, my first year as an active merchant, I find myself paying more attention to the favored colors and styles trending for winter.

Although you can never go wrong with the neutrals, black, brown, beige, and army green, I am seeing oranges and purples.  Boot cuffs and fingerless gloves seem to be popular for women and it looks like the favored characters for the season will be the minions from Despicable Me 2 movie, and it seems the fox is also popular this year.

As I prepare for the upcoming craft fair and Christmas season, I am on the lookout for patterns that will compliment the trends, appeal to those looking (and even those not looking) for hand crocheted products.

If you are a crocheter or designer, and have a pattern that you think would be a hit this upcoming season, or If you are someone who would like MaDukes to hook you up something special, please, drop

me a line.  I would love to hear from you.


Getting Ready for Christmas

The holiday season is sneaking up on me pretty quickly.This year I am enrolled in a Holiday craft fair in Redding CA, and I dont think I am quite ready. My plan is to keep it pretty simple. I have listened to others that have gone before me and the most consistent advice is to pick a few items, and make plenty to sell to all. For anything that comes in sizes, my plan is to have a few of each size in multiple sizes. I am looking for more tips to help make this a successful endevour. What suggestions would you like to share?